Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

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For That Extra Layer of Coverage

An umbrella insurance policy can be a cost-friendly policy addition to protect against claims which exceed current coverage.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Much like an umbrella provides another layer of protection, an umbrella insurance policy is there to cover claims that exceed your regular homeowner's, auto, or boat policy. An umbrella insurance policy can be customized to protect your personal assets in the case of a lawsuit. In addition, an umbrella policy can cover multiple members of your household.

Coverage includes:

  • Someone in your household causes and injury in a car accident
  • A visitor gets injured on your property
  • Accidental damage to someone else's property
  • Property damage causes by your pet
  • Property damage caused by your child or dependent
  • Attorney fees and legal costs

Umbrella insurance does NOT cover:

  • Your own medical expenses
  • Losses to your property

If you find yourself faced with a claim that exceeds the limits of your current policy, the umbrella insurance will provide additional coverage beyond those limits.

Discover what type of umbrella insurance you need to keep your personal assets safe and your family protected. Talk to one of our experienced insurance agents today to learn more about available options.

Common Umbrella Insurance Myths

In today's world, umbrella insurance is no longer reserved for individuals with large assets. Anyone with a home or income can benefit from the added protection of an umbrella insurance policy.

For instance, what would happen if someone gets injured on your property and you are held responsible for compensation that exceeds the limits of your homeowner's insurance? How long would it take you to get back on your feet financially?

An umbrella insurance policy can give you extra security by increasing liability limits to help protects your personal and family assets in the event of a lawsuit.

How Much Does an Umbrella Insurance Policy Cost?

An umbrella insurance policy is a highly affordable option when compared to the amount of coverage that you get. The total cost of your policy depends on multiple factors, including:

  • The limit you choose for your policy
  • Your carrier’s provisions
  • Your risk profile and driving record

You may benefit from bundling your umbrella insurance with your home and auto insurance. Contact us for more information!

Umbrella insurance in Florida

How Does an Umbrella Insurance Policy Protects Me?

For families located in Florida, a lawsuit that exceeds the upper limits of existing insurance plans can be devastating. An umbrella insurance policy can be an affordable way to add an extra layer of protection to your existing insurance plan. Consider the limits on your current auto and home insurance policies, they might range from $300,000 to $500,000.

You might think that you are adequately protected, but what will happen in the event you are sued for more than those amounts?

In some cases, your standard home or auto policy is likely not going to be enough to cover the judgment. In addition, how will you pay the legal expenses associated with a lawsuit? Without an umbrella policy, you would end up paying those excess costs out of pocket.

South Florida's Trusted Insurance Advisors

At Family Insurance Services, we understand you and your family have unique needs and requirements when it comes to selecting an umbrella insurance policy.

To learn about how we customize umbrella insurance plan to meet your needs, connect with our team today. One of our knowledgeable insurance agents would be happy to provide you with a thorough coverage evaluation and provide you with a free Umbrella Insurance quote!

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