A big thank you for the referral on the insurance (Victor) very knowledgeable. I will go with his agency on the insurance for the home. He is honest and we can rely on his knowledge that he freely gives us when trying to help even those who are not his clients. He is super experienced in this area.

- Tom and Tonya

I have been an extremely satisfied Family Insurance customer for over seven years. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank employees Victor Zarrilli, Londy Barrera and Myrna Vega for the excellent service I have been provided. I would like to specifically recognize Myrna Vega for going above and beyond to help me resolve an issue regarding a reimbursement from Star Casualty, my present automobile insurance provider. In April I was involved in an auto accident when someone ran a red light, hit me broadside and totaled my car. I had a problem receiving payment for reimbursement of rental car invoices. I was told many times by Star Casualty that the invoices were received and were being processed. After waiting two months for payment I went to Myrna for help. She called Star Casualty, emailed and faxed the information to them and within a week I received one of the checks - another is still due but I'm sure the check will arrive since Myrna is taking care of it. In addition, when I bought my new car I needed to add my credit union to the policy as loss payee. Myrna once again made me a priority and helped resolve the situation. After not being able to complete the change online, she called Star Casualty and took care of the issue that day. Myrna not only emailed the new Declaration page to me but also emailed it to my credit union. This email is to commend your employees, especially Myrna Vega, for outstanding service. Thank you for providing excellent customer service representatives. I look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future.

- Jeanette H.

Rae has saved me hundreds of dollars in my auto insurance. She has also provided me with competitive rates for my homeowner's policy. I have many clients and friends that are satisfied with her services.

- Richard P.

What do you say about a guy that saves you $1300 on your homeowners insurance? You adopt him into your family is what you do. Victor worked with the Legacy property inspector at the time and they were able to prove that the roof had been upgraded since the house was constructed and took pictures of the strapping to prove it and the result was a huge savings. You cant go wrong going to Victor before anyone else, if he can save you money, he will if not, he will tell you upfront that his is not the lowest quote.

- Patrick

Thank you for providing such fine service in helping me with my insurance needs. You were extremely courteous and professional. I will be sure to share my experience with my friends and family.

- Jose

I had contacted Tammy Viera a few months ago about the homeowners’ insurance that we need to get a new carrier as our previous carrier was not renewing policies. She told me that we should touch base in January 2011 as it was too early. In January, Tammy gave me a courtesy call and reminded me of the pending action and followed through to find a replacement insurer. Subsequently, closed on the policy. Really really impressed, and have always been with the service we have received from Tammy over the years. Thanks so much.

- Rachael J

Thank you Sandy, I appreciate your prompt response. This is the reason I use Family Insurance and have referred my friends to you.

- Melanie S.

Rae is a rare gem and I love her!! Thank you so much for all your help and all the money I will be saving!

- Brandon K.

Thank you so much Victor for being the rock we need in Florida! Your services are most appreciated!

- Deborah H

Best company I have ever been with.

- Esther R

I wanted to let the agents at Family Insurance know how helpful and understanding you all were throughout the entire process of making my car insurance policy. It was a pleasure doing business with such prompt and efficient professionals. You make insurance shopping so easy!

- Chris P., Miami, FL

Thanks so much for helping me on my homeowners insurance. You are something special for Family Insurance. Thanks for all you do!

- Tammy L

We just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful customer service at Family Insurance. Everyone is so knowledgeable and friendly when we come in, especially Myrna and Miny.

- Georgie W.

You guys have excellent service!! The way you cover for each other shows that you really care about customer service. We do not often see this anymore so when I do, I like to acknowledge it. Keep up the good work!

- Suzette R.

Rae is an amazing human being and the most patient individual I have had the luck to meet. She is amazing at what she does!

- Karen R.

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