Alex is On the Way - Be Prepared

Alex is On the Way - Be Prepared

June 02, 2022

Storm watches have been issued for Florida with heavy rains expected over the weekend. Here are steps you should take now to get ready.

  1. Check in with family and loved ones now. Decide how you will communicate with each other and create an evacuation plan.
  2. Now is the time to install shutters. Once winds hit 30 mph, it is very dangerous to start putting up shutters. 
  3. Put together a go-bag in case you need to evacuate or check on your existing go-bag to make sure it's fully stocked. It should include a flashlight, batteries, cash, first aid supplies, medications, and copies of critical documents, water, diapers (if needed).
  4. Bring in items from around your yard that can be turned into projectiles by the wind.
  5. Take a photographic inventory of your home in case you need to make claims later.
  6. Wrap important items in plastic bags to protect from water. No matter how much insurance you have, there are things that can’t be replaced, like wedding pictures or old family photos.
  7. Plan how you will include pets if you need to evacuate. Pack pet food and make sure your large pets have a collar with ID tag. 
  8. Sign up for Emergency Alerts and make sure devices are fully charged.
  9. Take care of bills and keep payment confirmations. Do this online as mail may be lost or damaged or processed late.

Have your insurance policy number available and know your claim numbers. Put copies of these documents in your go-bag, take pictures and email them to yourself.

For additional information follow these resources

Track the storm at the National Hurricane Center.

From our Family to yours, be prepared with a hurricane plan.

FEMA provides information about hurricane planning, emergency kits and disaster preparedness.

Learn about hurricane preparedness and safety tips from the American Red Cross.

Most Insurance carriers will be closed for binding, modifying or increasing coverage, now is the time to turn your attention to preparing to protect your loved ones and property.

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