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Florida Hurricane and Windstorm Insurance

Being your trusted Florida insurance agents we know the reality of severe weather risk. Windstorms and hurricanes are truly devastating natural events and as a Florida resident, these natural disasters represent the worst kind of risk—the uncontrollable, unpreventable threat.

It isn’t enough to assume that your Florida home insurance policy automatically covers you against windstorms, hurricanes and coastal flooding—typically your homeowners policy will exclude these weather-related risk exposures. Securing reliable Florida hurricane insurance is quickly becoming a critical common practice for coastal residents.

Florida wind insurance is a valuable enhancement to any homeowner’s insurance policy, especially for those who live in the moderate to high risk areas within the state of Florida.

What Exactly is a Windstorm?

A windstorm can be a thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado, blizzard and even a hail storm. These kinds of storms can cause severe damage to your home, vehicle, and your property. Do not wait until after a windstorm occurs to add Florida windstorm insurance to your homeowner’s insurance. Windstorms can be completely unpredictable and can last anywhere from a few minutes to several days. Being unprotected could leave you with crippling debt and destruction to your property.

What Kinds of Damage Does Florida Hurricane Insurance Cover?

Florida hurricane insurance covers any damage that results from the winds brought by large storms. For example, assume that a storm causes a heavy tree limb to fall on your car, crushing the whole front end of your car and shattering your windshield. That would be the type of loss covered by Florida wind insurance. If you live in a coastal area and/or an area of “high risk,” your current insurance policy may not provide enough coverage to fix the damages – or even be willing to cover them at all. Purchasing a Florida windstorm insurance endorsement could save you a lot of money down the line. You may think that these kinds of storms will not affect you in such a catastrophic way, but you certainly don’t want to find out you are wrong when it already is too late.

Contact Family Insurance Services today, we’re here and ready to help you effectively protect your home from some of nature’s most ruthless weather. Give us a call to receive a free Florida hurricane insurance quote right now!

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